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Top 4 Reasons to Take a Fall Vacation

With summer coming to an end and school starting back, now is the perfect time to consider taking a fall vacation! You may wonder, why visit the beach during the fall? To give you a better idea, we listed 4 reasons to take a fall vacation below.

  1. Fewer Crowds

If you have ever visited any of the public beaches here during the winter and spring months, you know all about crowds! As fun as Lido Beach and Anna Maria beaches are with the restaurants, playgrounds for kids, and the ‘fun in the sun’ atmosphere,   the traffic alone beaches and roads are packed full of visiting guests and or  visiting during the fall cuts the crowds in half. This makes it easier to drive through town stopping for a bite to eat and claim your spot in the sand with an uninterrupted view.

  1. Perfect Weather

It doesn’t truly start to get cooling off until around October along the Gulf Coast. Because of this, summer is extended! Booking a trip during the fall months means having warm weather and sunshine during the day and cooler temperatures at night. Comfortable weather means wanting to be outside more which leads to greater adventures and quality time with family!

  1. Better Rates

With fewer crowds and fewer people booking vacations during the fall, you tend to have better rates on vacation condos and homes. Be sure to visit our website for the most recent pricing. We are also signing on new properties every week! So check back with us frequently to see if the perfect vacation accommodation for you needs has been added to our inventory.

  1. Events!

With the weather cooling off, you tend to see more events happen during the fall months. This is our favorite of the 4 reasons to take a fall vacation because you get to know the community a bit better. Some area events in Sarasota are listed below. You can also visit our past blog posts to see other fun adventures that can be done in our area year round.