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Planning A Vacation Makes You Happier

It’s been a very long year for most of us.  Social, school and family activities have been cancelled, many businesses are still closed or have limited hours, and we have all had to make changes to our everyday life.  To say its been stressful is an understatement!

A new poll conducted by the Institute for Applied Positive Research has found 97% of respondents say having a trip planned makes them happier, while 82 percent reported that it makes them “moderately” or “significantly” happier.  Additionally, 71 percent say they feel greater levels of energy when they have a trip planned in the next six months.

Booking a trip may just what we need to restore our emotional state after months of uncertainty and stress.  With the vaccine being distributed, it takes away some of that uncertainty, but still leaves a void when it comes to an actual event to look forward to down the road.

The study also found that all vacationers experienced a significant boost in happiness during the planning stages of the trip because, as the researchers suggest, the vacationers were looking forward to the good times ahead.

Let’s face the facts: Vacations are healthy! Not only will booking the vacation alone give you immediate excitement, but the planning and researching, such as reading through our vacation blogs or simply clicking through the photos of the vacation rental you have booked on our website may be just what the doctor ordered!

When the time is right, Florida Vacation Connection will be ready to safely welcome you back.