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Florida Realtors Look To Vacation Rentals

Florida’s housing market is booming as homebuyers flock from heavily populated cities in the north, taking advantage of the ability to do their jobs remotely. While it’s sellers who have the advantage right now — demand is high but supply is limited — there are opportunities for buyers to benefit, but as the saying goes, patience is a virtue.

Moving to a new state, especially if children are involved, is one of the most stressful life events any of us who have done it have encountered.  Then there is feeling rushed into a home purchase because inventory is low and buyers feel they don’t have any choice but to offer asking price (or above), concede to the buyers terms without countering, and even “settle” for a house they really aren’t in love with.  Fear of missing out on any opportunity presented can get buyers into a less than ideal situation.

The ideal situation would be if buyers could move to Florida, be able take their time looking at neighborhoods and homes, give their Realtor a chance to advise them on a “smart” purchase, but be able to get into a furnished, short-term rental (3-6 months), so they aren’t tied into a year long lease where they have to unpack, only to pack… then unpack again in a new home just months later.  Short term rentals are also ideal for buyers who still have their home / condo on the market up north who not only want to keep it furnished, but don’t want to get into the stress of putting in a contract on a home down here contingent upon the sale of their current home selling in the meantime.  Talk about stress!

It’s no secret that vacation rentals have had a great deal of upheaval during the pandemic.  What started last winter, is undoubtedly affecting the upcoming winter as far as “snow-bird” reservations go for the months of January – April.  Reservations are trickling in, but there are still several units seeking vacancy.  With Longboat Key being a ‘month minimum’ rental community combined with European travelers still not able to travel to the United States, our Fall months have been slow with bookings.

Like everything else this year, our booking trends have been out of the ordinary… and now include mid-term rentals for our friends in Real Estate searching for accommodations for their clients.  We still have incredible units, mostly condos, available for rent starting this fall through the winter months.  Our vacation rentals are clean, safe, and truly “Move-In-Ready”.  If you are looking to move to the area or a Realtor with clients looking for a smoother transition into a new home, we invite you to visit our website, send an email, or give us a call.

We’ve been in the neighborhood for 25+ years… we’d love to be the first to welcome our new neighbors to paradise!