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COVID-19 Vacation Rental vs. Hotel

As travel restrictions are lifted around the county, we realize potential and confirmed guests still have a great deal of uncertainty about choosing the safest accommodations.

So, what’s safer, a vacation rental or a hotel?

The Safety of Seclusion – One of the most appealing things about staying in a vacation rental, pandemic or not, is you and your group come in contact with no one.  Our contact-less arrival and departure procedure makes it so you don’t encounter a front desk agent, other guests in hallways, packed elevators, busy lobbies, or common area with the public.  Less door handles, buttons to press, and less “high touch areas” in general to share with the public.

Clean / Sanitized HomesRest assured that every Florida Vacation Connection property is cleaned and sanitized before each guest arrival.  There is no daily service where housekeeping staff will be in your room after being in several others the same day.  You arrive to a clean unit, and have the capability to launder your own towels / linens and use your own trusted cleaning products to wipe down surfaces.      

Amenities – Having a home with your own pool and / or outdoor space is ideal when it comes to worry free enjoyment of Florida’s sunshine and warmth.  The guess work is taken out of who last used your beach chair or touched the railing to enter the pool.  While not a fun topic, using your private restroom facilities instead of the hotel operated pool bathrooms is an added plus as well!

Dining / Meal Prep – Unlike a hotel, all of our rentals have full kitchens.  While our restaurants are open to limited capacity, for some, the idea of eating in public is still not appealing… or at least not every meal! Not only do guests save money by not dining out as much as they would be in a hotel, but it’s nice to know who and how your dishes were last washed and handled by.  By all means we hope you support our local restaurants during your stay, but there is something to be said for being able to use curbside carry out options to bring it back to your rental and enjoy your meal in a more relaxed, controlled atmosphere.  Our grocery stores are clean, practicing social distancing rules, and well stocked for guests to load up on anything you should need for your vacation inspired culinary creations!

Social Distancing – Contact with others takes place solely at your discretion when renting a vacation home – a feature that most hotels simply cannot offer.  While most in our community are still practicing social distancing rules and wearing masks, peace of mind when being able to control your own environment is priceless.

We want our guests to feel comfortable and secure when staying with us.  You can read all of our Covid-19 literature here for reassurance that Florida Vacation Connection is leading the way with a safe and clean guest experience! Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have at: info@FLVacationConnection.com.

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