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COVID-19 September Update – Longboat Key

COVID-19 Update

New information is coming in daily from our local municipalities and we want our guests and friends of Florida Vacation Connection to be informed every step of the way.  We have continued to update our blog posts so you can make navigating the area a little easier.  

Here are some important updates:

  1. MASKS: The CITY OF SARASOTA (Includes St. Armand’s Circle) and LONGBOAT KEY, have made it mandatory for people to wear masks indoors and outdoors in public areas where social distancing is not possible.  Currently, this order is in effect until November 30th.  There are exceptions for children ages 6 and under or for anyone with health conditions that may prevent them from wearing masks.
  2. BARS: Stand-alone bars have been allowed to resume business with strict social distance rules in place.  Restaurants are still in operation at 50% capacity.
  3. BEACHES / PARKING: Public beaches and public parking are now open on LONGBOAT KEY.  Lido Beach is open, however the community pool remains closed.
  4. EVENTS: Please read the latest cancellations HERE.
  5. FVC GUEST ARRIVALS: Please read our latest office policy and arrival procedure HERE.

Florida Vacation Connection remains diligent in our efforts to provide CLEAN and SAFE properties for our guests.  You can read more about our cleaning policy HERE.

Longboat Key remains an ideal place for visitors to still enjoy a beach vacation while staying stay safe and healthy.  Our single family homes allow guests to continue the same preventative measures they did in their own homes.  All of the buildings where we manage condos have remained strict in their guidelines and have increased staffing to insure social distancing in common areas such as pools and the beach.  On-site cleaning crews are continuously sanitizing and disinfecting high touch areas throughout the properties.  Even before Longboat Key and City of Sarasota put their mask plan into action, the individual condo associations made wearing a mask for guests and staff mandatory while on the property since the start of this pandemic.  We are proud of our community and the efforts to keep the number of cases as low as they have been!

We are confident our visiting guests will join us in our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and look forward to providing a safe and clean environment for you and your loved ones now, and for many vacations in the future.  Stay safe and ENJOY!