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Housekeeping & Maintenance

Peace of mind

When your home comes into our hands, we truly take it off yours. While it's in our care, we make it our business to meet your income and investment goals. Maintaining your property is one of the most important things we can do to that end.


There's nothing routine about our routine maintenance. For starters, we meet with you on site, getting to know your property through your eyes. Then, every member of our team visits, assessing maintenance needs. Whether it's keeping up a sea wall, upgrading bed linens, or meticulously cleaning before occupancy, we're on it.

We more than weather a storm. There are some circumstances unique to Florida homeowners, and as locals, we're well-versed in them all. From turtle-nesting season to hurricane season, we're prepped and ready to protect your property, ensure guests' safety, and respect our beautiful environment. If there's a major weather event, we thoroughly secure your home, staying in communication with both owners and guests and assessing each property afterwards.

Trustworthy service providers are part of the deal. If a problem arises, we work with our preferred vendors (or yours) to resolve it. We have established relationships with reputable local companies, allowing us to personally see a fix through to completion. We'll seek estimates and bids on your behalf, review proposals and contracts with you, then schedule work and inspect its progress.


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